Evangelism Seminar

Apr 2, 2024 | Audio, Ecclesiology

In this informal course on how to share your faith, Dr. Bahnsen sets forth the motivation, requirements, and forms of evangelism, as well as its power (prayer), message, and methods. This is a very helpful introduction for those who want to evangelize but are not sure how to start.

01 — Motivation for Evangelism (1 of 6)

02 — The Forms and Requirements of Evangelism (2 of 6)

03 — Bold Prayer—The Key to Evangelism (3 of 6)

04 — The Message for Evangelism (4 of 6)

05 — The Methods of Evangelism (5 of 6)

06 — Conclusion and Procedures (6 of 6)

Download a PDF copy of the God’s Good News booklet.

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