Evidential Apologetics: The Right Way

Dec 22, 2023 | Print

By Dr. Greg Bahnsen in Penpoint VI:11 (November, 1995) 

In popular misconception today, the choice of an apologetical method facing a Bible-believing Christian is between arguing presuppositionally OR appealing to evidences from history and nature in support of Christianity. But that is entirely wrong. 

Presuppositional apologetics endorses and indeed encourages the use of evidences – but not evidences offered in the “traditional” manner as an appeal to the authority of the unbeliever’s (allegedly) autonomous reasoning. Unbelievers who are self-conscious in their autonomy will usually fight against the force of the “facts” to which we can appeal in favor of the Bible’s veracity.

When unbelievers resist the factual arguments which apologists can and should readily set before them to confirm or defend the Christian position, Van Til said we must then realize and take seriously that “the battle is not one primarily of this fact or of that fact. The battle is basically with respect to a philosophy of facts…. No one can be a scientist in any intelligible way without at the same time having a philosophy of reality as a whole.” . . .

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