Jesus is Lord over All: The Myth of Neutrality

Aug 11, 2023 | Audio, Worldview

If Jesus Christ has been given all power in heaven and in earth, then there is no room for neutrality in an area of life or thought. We are either with him or against him. In this 8-part conference series, Dr. Bahnsen proclaims the comprehensive Lordship of Christ and exhorts the saints to respond with uncompromising allegiance to him as King of kings. He equips disciples to apply a distinctly Christian worldview within a variety of disciplines, including education, philosophy, apologetics, politics, and ethics. He also unpacks the implications of Christ’s rule for some of the more difficult and controversial topics in Reformed theology, such as predestination, postmillennialism, and the relationship between theonomy and the Westminster Standards.

01 — Lord over Education (1 of 8)

02 — Lord over Reasoning (2 of 8)

03 — Lord over the Future (3 of 8)

04 — Lord of Salvation and Life (4 of 8)

05 — Lord over Law and Society (5 of 8)

06 — Lord of Lords, King of Kings (6 of 8)

07 — Lord of the Covenant (7 of 8)

08 — Questions and Answers (8 of 8)

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