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Apologetics — The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

A paperback primer on the presuppositional method adapted from an oral presentation offered by Dr. Bahnsen during an informal debate with Dr. R.C. Sproul in 1977 at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi.

“This booklet offers a most concise, yet thorough-going presentation of Presuppositional Apologetics. Bahnsen’s rigorous exegesis, logical consistency and cogent style provide a superbly persuasive primer on defending the Christian faith in a Biblical manner. This resource will prove particularly valuable for those involved in ministry to an unbelieving culture.”

Brian De Jong, Pastor of Grace OPC (Sheboygan, WI)

“Never was it more important for the Christian church to retain a right biblical apologetic than at the present. The raging age of skepticism and Christian apostasy calls for a rock-solid, biblically-based, presuppositional apologetic as so elegantly, simply, and succinctly laid out here by Dr. Greg Bahnsen. I recommend this for every Christian leader and lay person.”

Kevin Swanson, Pastor, and Director of Generations

“Derived from the classic informal debate between Greg Bahnsen and RC Sproul, “Apologetics” presents a concise summary of the fundamental principles of the presuppositional approach. This brief and succinct overview serves as a valuable resource, offering key insights into the biblical foundation of apologetics, making it beneficial for both experts and laypeople. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

Eli Ayala, Director of Revealed Apologetics

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He Lives (Easter)

He Lives (Easter)

The wages of sin is death, but the resurrection of Christ has given hope to otherwise hopeless sinners. Dr. Bahnsen proclaims the glorious good news of the resurrection in this series of Easter messages. 01 — The Promise of Resurrection (1 of 3) 02 — The Last Enemy Disarmed (2 of 3) 03 — The Day Death Died (3 of 3)

Evangelism Seminar

Evangelism Seminar

In this informal course on how to share your faith, Dr. Bahnsen sets forth the motivation, requirements, and forms of evangelism, as well as its power (prayer), message, and methods. This is a very helpful introduction for those who want to evangelize but are not sure how to start. 01 — Motivation for Evangelism (1 of 6) 02 — The Forms and...

The Distinctives of the Reformed Faith

The Distinctives of the Reformed Faith

What does it mean to be theologically "Reformed"? It is not easy to offer a concise, full, and clear summary. This is one of Dr. Bahnsen's most frequently requested series and a great teaching tool in doctrine. In five lectures, Dr. Bahnsen positively sets forth the Reformed outlook at explains how it differs from others. 01 — The Sovereignty of...

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Evidential Apologetics: The Right Way

Evidential Apologetics: The Right Way

By Dr. Greg Bahnsen in Penpoint VI:11 (November, 1995)  In popular misconception today, the choice of an apologetical method facing a Bible-believing Christian is between arguing presuppositionally OR appealing to evidences from history and nature in support of Christianity. But that is entirely wrong.  Presuppositional apologetics endorses and...

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