The Prophecy of Zephaniah

Jan 12, 2022 | Audio, Zephaniah

A historical and theological study of a too-often neglected book of God’s holy word. Like you, Zephaniah was concerned about “the day of the Lord,” realizing God’s wrath would fall on the nations as well as the sin and stupidity of God’s people. Like you, Zephaniah needed the encouragement that God would reverse the shame of His people and make them prosper.

01 — When is the Day of the LORD? (1 of 8)

02 — Preparing for the Day of the LORD (2 of 8)

03 — Preparing for the Day of the LORD (3 of 8)

04 — God’s Wrath Against the Nations (4 of 8)

05 — The Sin and Stupidity of God’s People (5 of 8)

06 — A Purified People Will Prosper (6 of 8)

07 — Be Glad and Rejoice (7 of 8)

08 — Reversal of Shame (8 of 8)

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