Theonomic Approach to Ethics—Part 1

Aug 16, 2023 | Audio, Theonomy

What does the “theonomic” view of ethics really maintain? Many people (especially critics) are pretty far off the mark here. Dr. Bahnsen, author of Theonomy in Christian Ethics, explains in these easily understood lectures what the Bible teaches about the continuing normativity of the Old Testament law and its relevance for modern politics. Over the course of six Bible studies that answer six basic questions, Dr. Bahnsen provides a great summary of the “theonomic” position that will challenge all who love the Lord Jesus to keep his commandments.

01 — Who’s in Charge Here? (Luke 6:44) (1 of 6)

02 — Has God Changed His Mind? (Matt 5:16–20) (2 of 6)

03 — How is the Old Testament Old? (Heb 8:13–10:1) (3 of 6)

04 — No King but Caesar? (John 19:15) (4 of 6)

05 — When is Punishment Criminal? (Heb 2:1–4) (5 of 6)

06 — The Law: To Criticize or Obey? (James 4:1–12) (6 of 6)

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