The Charter

The Bahnsen Institute exists to promote the work and thought of the late Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen.

Dr. Bahnsen is chiefly noted for his seminal contribution to the field of apologetics, but he was also a thinker of considerable breadth. He integrated historic Reformed theology, traditional covenant theology, and Christian philosophy into a comprehensive world-and-life view.

Accordingly, the Bahnsen Institute seeks to equip the saints to “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” and to promote a God-centered approach to epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics in thought, word, and deed.


The Bahnsen Institute provides access to Dr. Bahnsen’s abundant audio resources. It also seeks to make written resources more readily available to individuals and institutions by packaging them in a convenient format to meet the needs of various target audiences.

For scholars and pastors worldwide, the Bahnsen Institute will offer fellowships, research grants, academic symposia, a printed journal, and seek other opportunities to preserve Dr. Bahnsen’s legacy and extend the reach of his work.

We will assist other organizations in their work of education and discipleship. Therefore, the Bahnsen Institute will transcribe and develop curricula to accompany Dr. Bahnsen’s audio resources so that they may be used by schools, universities, seminaries, and churches as courses of study in multiple languages.

It is also a chief priority to help students and seminarians to develop a vision for the comprehensive Lordship of Christ and equip them to instruct others. The Institute will therefore offer scholarships and facilitate internships for those training for the ministry.

Finally, in order to equip every believer to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within him and to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, we aim to make Dr. Bahnsen’s lectures, sermons, books, and papers more widely known and easily accessible to all the saints so they may defend and assert the claims of Christ against all opposition.

Online Resources

As a global educational organization, most of our resources are available online free of charge. Our website offers thousands of hours of audio, along with e-books, rare journals, biographies, and contemporary materials consistent with Dr. Bahnsen’s theological approach. Our online book shop offers physical books, e-books, apparel, and more.


In July 2020, the Bahnsen Institute’s predecessor, the Bahnsen Project, contracted with Covenant Media Foundation to obtain shared rights to the audio files of Dr. Bahnsen and that contract was satisfied in September 2020.

Many audio files were immediately posted online, and the entire library was uploaded to by the anniversary of Dr. Bahnsen’s death on December 11, 2021. Digital audio remastering began in early 2021.

The Bahnsen Project was reconstituted as the Bahnsen Institute on January 25, 2022, upon adopting this charter.

Organizational Structure


Executive Board

Five, to govern and provide oversight.

Staff Members

Those with varied expertise (e.g., marketing, technology, print editor, etc.).


Ideally ten scholars and contributors, as appointed by the executive board.

Advisory Board

Those approved by the board to offer counsel and feedback on operations on a quarterly basis.


The Bahnsen Institute is primarily funded by voluntary contributions from individuals, churches, businesses, and foundations.

There will be an annual cost to membership. Members will receive our Journal “Every Thought Captive,” free admission to symposia, and special offers on other publications.

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